Accessibility is making the content published online accessible to people with disabilities without any discrimination. The internet has evolved to be the source of all data and information store. Everyone should have an equal chance of accessing all the content that is available in the Internet. Developed nations have come up with the IT Accessibility […]


XML Conversion

The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) develops, maintains and publishes technical standards which regulate the online publications, bibliographic standards and library applications. They have come up with tag suites based on the type of the publication, so that specific tag suite is used in the book and that groups similar sections together and get indexed […]

Design Technology


ePub is the short term of electronic publishing and commonly addressed as e-publishing which signifies digital publishing. It is a contemporary form of publishing in the new digital era of life style, where the world revolves around the internet. Similar to the way how the methods of communication have had a great shift to the […]