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Why do I need a website?

A website helps you build an online presence. In the today’s mobile technology era, Google stands as a best guide for all of us. More than 90% of the people who are in need of a service or product immediately search about the product or service in Google and read reviews before they actually make a purchase. In 2021 digital presence is considered mandatory to attract more customers.

In a recent study in 2020, 4.54 billion people (60% of the world’s population) use the internet, further even the older generation people are starting to use the internet. So a company without a website or online presence will be invisible to 90% of its potential customers.

Investing in a good professional website is as important as keeping the doors of your shop open for customers to walk-in.

How much does a website development cost?

There is no straight forward answer for it, as no size fits all. The pricing for a website is not a fixed pricing for all business. Before developing a website the developer should understand your business well and would need to check your competitors and targeted audience. A complete SWOT analysis would be made and based on it the design will be finalized. The content that would be used on the website should be the intellectual property of the business owner and it should not be a copied content.

So the cost involved depends on your business and its targeted audience. On an approximate note usually the cost of a website may start from INR XX,000.

Send us an enquiry and we will arrange for a free consultation and understand your requirements well to finalize the cost that would be involved in website development.            

Why should you use our service instead of using “Online Website Builders”?

You will be tempted to opt for online website builders and also purchase websites in social media where you see posts that state a website with seo, ssl, hosting, etc could be delivered within INR 2,999 or even lesser than that.  Beware of them!

Ask yourself some basic questions before you make a decision, have you ever remembered making a purchase in a website which was created through website builders? Did any of your friends or family created a website using website builders by them and get good number of organic visitors to their website?

Opting for a cheap website would spoil your businesses online reputation, further there are high chances that cheap website development scams use copied content from other websites which would impose a legal threat for your business. Search engines like Google are smarter enough to trace the originality of the content and would impose penalty on your websites ranking which would move your website far behind your competitors.

  Trust your product or service that you render and respect your business! Do not let anyone spoil your online reputation.

How much time will it take to complete a website development?

This completely depends on the technology that has to be used based on the requirements of the business. We will give you a clear idea of how long it will take to complete the website at the proposal stage itself. We will ensure that we stick within the timeline that is committed to you.

Why should I need digital marketing for my business?

Your need digital marketing and create a digital reputation for your business for the below main reasons.

  1. Your potential customers are online
  2. Personalize your targeted audience experience and reach them
  3. Drive quality traffic of your potential customers
  4. Increase your business visibility and expand your geographical presence
  5. Stay ahead of your competitors
  6. Get analytics and understand your customer persona

It’s 2021 and if the word “digital” is not absorbed by your marketing strategies then it simply means your business is not thriving.

What is SEO and why should you need it?

In simple words SEO is a method to update or inform search engines like Google about your business and services so that when a potential user search for a relevant service or product then the search engine will suggest your business or service to the potential user.

We need SEO because, as a business owner or service provider it is our primary responsibility to let everyone know about our product or service.  SEO brings new opportunities and good SEO helps your potential customers navigate to your business at ease.

Will confidentiality be maintained on the information that I share with you for website or app development?

Yes, 100%. We will sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with you for keeping your information confidential and maintain the confidentiality terms without a slightest deviation in it.

We never reveal our clientele to promote our business and source new clients. We have been in this industry for 9 years and have been maintaining 100% confidentiality about our clientele because we mostly work for quality startups, where the whole of the business revolves around the unique idea of the founders.

What are the payment procedures?

We would need 50% of the project value to be paid upfront after the proposal confirmation before starting the project. On successful completion, the product will be provided to you from our testing servers and on your approval and payment of the remaining 50% it will be transferred to your server.

Do I have to pay any maintenance fee for my website?

No, for the first year there will not be any maintenance fee and all minor changes and corrections provided by you will be carried out on the website without any additional cost. From the second year onwards, if there is an ongoing task required by you then you can opt for a paid Annual Maintenance from our company.

Is there a turnaround time to fix any minor corrections or changes in the website that was already delivered?

Yes, mostly for minor changes and corrections it will be implemented within 24 – 48 hours from the time when the support ticket was created. If the website was delivered within one year from the date when the correction or change is requested.

Incase if the change or correction is requested after one year of delivery, there might be a minimal charge involved and the turnaround time will be the same 24-48 hours from the time when the support ticket was created.

Will you rework on the website that we have already created?

Yes, we will definitely assist you in redesigning or in the revamp process of your website.

What if I require a refund and am not satisfied with your service?

In the past 9 years of service we have not encountered such a rigid situation. But even after giving us a chance to rework if you are not satisfied with the service then you can get 50% refund or the refund amount will depend upfront he stage where the project is at the time of requesting for a refund.

Do I have to be in Coimbatore to use any of the services of Silver Dollar Technologies Private Limited?

No! We are an IT/Software/Web development/Digital Marketing company in Coimbatore but that doesn’t mean we can work with only clients from Coimbatore. We have our happy clients in 11 countries.

Why is Inbound Marketing preferable?

Through inbound marketing we attract customers by creating quality content and designs that the user is in search of. So leads generated through inbound marketing are leads that are desperately in need of your service or product. Whereas outbound marketing is a method of pouring the content unnecessarily on users who are not in need of the product or service to make them use the service or product.

So leads generated through inbound marketing are more powerful than the leads acquired through outbound marketing.

Do you develop responsive websites?

All websites that we develop are responsive which will auto align its contents based on the device from which it is accessed. Most of the web visitors are from smart phones so we have made it mandatory to ensure that all our websites are 100% responsive.

Do you offer domain registration and hosting services?

No, we don’t provide domain registration or hosting services but we would assist you in doing it through our partner portals.

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