E-Pub Reflowable Layout

ePub is the short term of electronic publishing and commonly addressed as e-publishing which signifies digital publishing. It is a contemporary form of publishing in the new digital era of life style, where the world revolves around the internet. Similar to the way how the methods of communication have had a great shift to the digital and handheld system, does all other activities as well. The physical libraries have been replaced with online libraries, where physical books are being replaced by online books. The online books are stored in the .epub format which makes the user access the right book he/she searches for without hassle. The below is the steps how the ePub files are created:


  1. The physical books are scanned and stored as image files.
  2. Image files will be converted to word or rich text format with the help of the file conversion software’s.
  3. The converted files will be formatted by our expert team by separately tagging the type of content in the document like paragraphs, titles, headings, tables, forms, images, etc with the help of xhtml tags.
  4. The xhtml tags will be used appropriately so that the content in the document gets classified based on the tags and indexed properly which helps the user search and get the right content in the document without any hassle.
  5. The tags are classified separately into different classes and styles are added to them with the help of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for better look and feel of the content in the document.
  6. The text quality of the complete document is been checked and fixed with the help of the expert proof reader’s team.

The above method is been followed while converting the older version of the books to ePub versions and for the latest books the authors provide a softcopy of the book in pdf or doc format.

There are two commonly practiced layouts for the ePub files. The Reflowable Layout and the Fixed Layout.

Reflowable Layout

The layout which gets the contents in the document auto aligned based on the screen size is known as ‘Reflowable Layout’. In this layout the contents in the document get rearranged based on the screen size or based on the view mode whether portrait or landscape. Reflowable Layout is usually used for books that do not have more graphical representation or images.