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Perhaps the main thing to note during web designing is to create a clean and appealing design. A quality web design will be easy to navigate for the user and attractive. Very importantly a quality web design will let users focus on your valuable brand and content rather than distracting graphics and other decorative items. A cleaner web design will add points in building a good reputation about your business to the users.




Choice of colors that are to be used in your business website plays a key role in converting a normal web visitor to a customer. Colors are known to invoke emotional responses. It has to be decided based on the age group or interests of your targeted audience. While we chose colors we should be cautious to avoid colors that will make your website content invisible for people with visual impairment, applying the accessibility standards based on the WCAG guidelines is important.



Your brand building process starts here. It is highly crucial to concentrate on your branding parameters while designing your website. A professionally designed logo and its placement in the website are important. We should be able to analyze the users behavior after they visit the website and based on which we should place the brand related designs and content. At the same time we should not push the brand too many times so it might annoy the user. Following proper branding protocols while designing a website will definitely contribute in building your reputation.



Ease of use will make the visitor get what he wanted immediately without delay; this will reduce the bounce rate of the website. It is important for us to ensure that our website has all the regular and common features visible and accessible for the visitor. The contact information of the business should be clearly visible so that it will establish the legitimacy of the website.



Regular blogging activity and installing a live web chat in your website will give the impression of being active to the visitors; this will improvise the legitimacy of the website.



Quality of the content and images used in the website are important to get search engines recognize your website and show it to relevant visitors. Everything that includes the content, images and keywords are the intellectual property of your company, so do spend time to create high quality content which will rank your website higher. Do not use copied content from your competitors or copied designs from your competitors, because Google algorithms are smarter enough to trace the source. Avoid buying cheap content for your website because the content and design is what would contribute in the reputation of your business or brand to the visitor. It would be highly tempting to opt for copied content or cheap content on your website, but be aware that it will result in getting penalized by Google and also it will affect the reputation of your business. As per copyright laws every single piece of information that is available in your website is considered to be your intellectual property so coping content might even put your business into legal troubles.



The loading speed of the website should be less; the size of the images that you use in the website should be reduced and optimized. Loading speed of the website also helps in reducing the bounce rate of the website. Unwanted graphics and additional scripts would slow down the loading process.



Responsiveness is now a mandatory feature that your website should possess. Based on various surveys, more than 80% of web searches happen from mobile devices. So the content that we display in the website should get aligned and get displayed neat in all devices including smart phones, tablets, laptops and various other devices. Not only with devices, the content and images should be responsive in different browsers as well.


Protection against all kinds of security risks should be ensured from the beginning. Installing an SSL certificate in the website alone will not protect your website from all security risks. Proper security frameworks should be implemented in the front end and back end during the development stage. Captcha should be used to safeguard from spams, adding these captcha would avoid bots to fill your database with spam data and crash the server.

The above are the most crucial 10 commandments that are to be monitored while designing and developing a website.

We at Silver Dollar Technologies Private Limited take most care in designing and developing a website. Trust us, we knew how to convert your website to function as a “Lead Generation Magnet” for your business that would help you acquire customers in a more efficient manner.