PHP & MYSQL Internship

PHP & MySQL Internship Syllabus:
HTML and CSS Basics
Introduction to PHP
Data Types
Control Structures
Logical Expressions
User-Defined Functions
Model View Controller – Cretaing Web Pages
Working with Forms
What is cookies
Session Management
MySQL Basics
PHP – MySQL Connnectivity – CRUD Operations
Advanced PHP Concepts
Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
Work with Files and Directories
Third Party API integration
Using PHPMailer

Professional Service:

We provide a complete support to ensure that everyone of our intern gets placed in reputable companies. The professional services include:
Resume Writing
Professional Profile Creation
Job Fairs Update
Workshops to finetune your career

Experience Certificate will be provided by the commpany for all internship candidates

Note: Internship admissions will happen only after clearing the entrance test

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