HTML and CSS Basics
Introduction and Importance to JAVA

Java Core Concepts

  • Interface
  • Abstract Class
  • Overloading/Overriding
  • Constructor types
  • Try Catch block and exception handling
  • Multithreading
  • Datastructure basics

Hibernate Framework

  • hibernate project architecture
  • hibernate configuration and libraries
  • Hibernate with annotation configuration
  • Hibernate with XML configuration
  • Hibernate mapping basics
  • Hibernate transaction
  • Criteria/ HQL / Native query
  • Caching and batch processing (if time permits)

Spring Framework

  • Spring MVC basic project structure
  • Spring Eclipse setup
  • Spring Dependency injection
  • Spring MVC flow


  • Spring JDBC
  • Spring Hibernate
  • Spring transaction
  • Spring logging

Security Implementation

  • Spring security (how it works)
  • Spring security implementation
  • Authentication vs authorization
  • session management (login/logout)

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