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The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) develops, maintains and publishes technical standards which regulate the online publications, bibliographic standards and library applications. They have come up with tag suites based on the type of the publication, so that specific tag suite is used in the book and that groups similar sections together and get indexed very well.

Proper indexation is required so that users can search with the specific keywords and access the right resource. The standardization of the content published was handled by the NISO. They came up with revisions on the standards after getting the reviews from their users to fine tune the tag suites. The tag suites were fine-tuned and remodelled various times to achieve its goals.


Journal Article Tag Suite (ANSI/NISO Z39-96-2015) is an xml tag set designed to model the journal articles. JATS is designed in a way that it can be customized based on the requirements of the publishers so that they can extend the tag suite and declare their subsets. JATS files got indexed very well in the library applications and they were searchable. Further the JATS files were getting indexed in all search engines without any hassle and they were easy to access with the help of the keywords. The JATS had a very extensive metadata support which is the highest priority in getting the content indexed. The metadata support from JATS was for Article level and also for contributors so that descriptions about the articles were easier to get stored and further contributor information like the photographers, curators, authors, etc were stored with unique external identifiers. Bibliographic references and citation references were given with the help of JATS.



Book Interchange Tag Suite is an XML document model that is extended from JATS. Where JATS were used for Journal Articles and BITS were used for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Books. BITs is not a separate tag suite authorised by NISO rather it acts as a subset of JATS. Technology books and medical books are widely converted to BITS format. National Library of Medicine supports the Book Interchange Tag Suite and publishes all medical books in BITS format. Bits also helps us describe the detailed content part of the book and the metadata part of the book with the help of <book-part> and <book-meta> tags.  


There are various other subsets of the JATS been defined by the publishers that suites their requirements which possess very stringent turnaround time, in other words the conversion of the content to comply with the Tag Suite has to be completed within a shorter interval. Further the text quality of the content should also be checked and fixed.

Why silver dollar technologies for JATS XML and other XML conversion services?

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